yes again

like a good protestant (surprise!) i sometimes struggle with Mary Now, I am - and maybe you are too - going through times where G-d is giving me a choice: do what I'm (we're) created to be or I don't know, really. Dwindle, and lapse into smallness. We have to choose YES even though it’s… Continue reading yes again



at the Cort theatre, Manhattan, Tuesday 6.4.19 Absurdity may be our only means of confronting the present reality; the gilt-fantastic production achieves that. Can the ultimate optimism of classical tragedy, its sense of justice, hold up against the hopeless reality of the present? The sad truth of life is that 45 may never have Lear's… Continue reading lear


a series of rants on the yang of beverages a cortado is not a large beverage a macchiato is really not a large beverage over-pulling an espresso ought to be punishable by a pure amish shun espresso should be FAST. entirely fictional etymology shows that coffee made under pressure -> espresso -> express and thus… Continue reading coffee

all sins great and small

this call is coming from inside the house there is a hierarchy of transgression a slippery upward slope arousing the tiny to destruction we begin with the hand-kiss: I first remember being aware of the hand-kiss as a gesture when watching Poirot with the Grand Commander*. At least once per episode he would meet a… Continue reading all sins great and small

big song. small notes.

For the performance and recording of Philip Glass's Fifth Symphony, at Trinity Wall Street. Glass Symphony no. 5 Glass’s massive Fifth Symphony contains his approach to the sacred, as he details below. Musically, he approaches the enormous subject with his established compositional devices - complexity is built with tiny changes on a fabric of ostinato,… Continue reading big song. small notes.

male and female he made them

one of the perpetual difficulties i have with how we discuss gender is the nonessentials we ascribe to m or f for instance clothing [we]* think men wearing a skirt is transgressive? ever seen a lunghi or a kilt? or medieval armour? women borrowing men's clothes is still, somehow, gender-bending or androgynous as if corsets… Continue reading male and female he made them

what does love demand of you?

you could call it Yes part two for love i have had to wade into the deepest dark and make a choice have you? somehow i turned around and was redeemed i don't need to tell you that romantic love or familial love demand hard sacrifices. do i? anyone who's been married* knows. you choose… Continue reading what does love demand of you?